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Our Team


We have a wonderful team.....

Our Team

Roi Maufas
Chief Executive Officer

Roi has twenty years developing and managing multi-million dollar ventures and is well versed in strategic planning, project management and resource development. He's passionate about inventing and developing technological solutions to existing problems in the building science, automotive and energy fields and has the proven ability to manage complex issues and projects from a large picture perspective while producing excellent highly innovative results.

David Brooks
Project Director
Brian Fischer
Chief Financial Officer

David is a jack of all trades with education and experience in Aerospace Design, Manufacturing Engineering, Architectural Design and Construction Management. His main focus is Project Development where his array of knowledge, vision and leadership are most beneficial to Gorilla Design. He played college football and attained his degree in Design Engineering from Weber State University.

Since graduating from Duke with his MBA in finance, Brian has worked at firms like Putnam Investments, where he was a portfolio manager, JP Morgan, where he was in research and ING, where he ran a global asset management business. Since embarking upon more entrepreneurial endeavors, Brian has developed a specialty in structuring construction development projects or in helping start-up money managers while still assisting investors in making suitable investments.

Rashid Iqbal
Middle East Business Development
Timothy Broussard
Director, Manufacturing Dept.

Rashid graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from University of Rochester and attended the Goizueta Business School at Emory University. Along with his position with Gorilla, Rashid is an executive director with Quantum Economics, LLC, a multi-faceted group with expertise across technology and science, real estate, capital markets, legal, policy and economics that creates, develops, launches important value initiatives that require strategic vision, intellectual property, financial and operational expertise. Rashid focuses on bringing special opportunities to the Middle East. 

With 10 years of experience manufacturing air plane parts for a number of Air Force Jets, he received the Joint Chief of Staff Award for the initiation of LEAN production practices in the Central Gearbox Cell, This enabled the Organic Depot facility at Hill AFB to assume all of the repair work while eliminating costly contractual repair, Total savings and cost avoidance estimated to be 15 million per year while improving reliability to the end user in the field and keeping inventory costs at a minimum by managing induction and work in process


David Platt
Senior Consultant

David has nineteen years of experience in the building industry as part of a family of design professionals and has cultivated a natural sense of how buildings come together. He initially pursued a career as a mathematician before returning to building sciences. Always enjoying a challenge, David's projects include a stunning array of luxury homes and commercial buildings around the U.S.

Hans Hoffman
Director, Architecture Dept.

Hans strives to define the sense of place for each project while addressing the functional requirements in new and often unusual ways. He melds the intuitive and the rational; the poetic and the pragmatic; and tirelessly searches for the project's solution.


Michael G. Barret
Emergency Management

Understanding of State, County, City and Local Government structure and operation as well as significant experience with building code and all phases of industrial, commercial and residential construction and development. Designed and managed facilities resource program for a localized or regional catastrophic event. He has also co-developed emergency support functions and emergency operations planning for Salt Lake County.

Troy Harvey
Director, Energy Engineering Dept.

Troy is dedicated to creative site and use driven building sciences unique to each project. He has the capacity to initialize net-zero energy projects with accurate building simulation and analysis while realizing results with hands-on quality control. He has working knowledge of systems, system components and materials which allows for truly customized technological solutions.


Russel Platt
Senior Architect

Russell's career in architecture has spanned over sixteen years and four continents. He specializes in residential, multi family, hospitality and mixed use projects, meeting the numerous architectural needs of individual families and corporations. In the process of doing so, he has helped designs hundreds of homes, hotel bedrooms, apartment buildings and condominiums.


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