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Net Zero Buildings Save Time and Money

Our commitment to building sustainable and creative solutions have put us in a position to participate in many noteworthy projects. The firm was founded on the idea that, “There has to be a better way” born from first-hand experience of having survived many of our countries most tragic community design failures. 

Gorilla is a partner in your project--we are just as invested in its success, cost-savings and functionality. Our commercial services can range anywhere from a warehouse to a hotel, and from a gas station to a 100-story corporate building. Whatever the size or scale of project, we are able to integrate the four areas of focus below fluidly across the entire span of the project lifecycle:
  • green technology (from LEED certifications to completely off-grid)
  • engineering services
  • building sciences / construction
  • architecture and design
No costly delays waiting for different disciplines to coordinate ad-hoc solutions to unforeseen problems:
  • Gorilla can catch costly mistakes while they are still on paper
  • Gorilla team members listen to each other and to our clients

Why go green?

  • Community Support
  • Energy Efficiency Tax Credits
  • Attract and keep more tenants longer
  • Attract green business
  • Permitting privileges
  • Aligning yourself with green companies
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